Life is interesting. Life is beautiful. Life is chaos. Everyday is a new adventure. You can either make the best of it or be unhappy. I’m finally really learning this. Let’s get serious now. I was never really, really happy.. Until about 5 years ago when my husband and I reconnected.. That was a changing point in my life. He was always my favorite person, the man I knew I wanted to be with forever. We just took different paths for awhile. It was bittersweet at the time we got together because my dad had died that year and my mom was in a nursing home with severe dementia. I only wanted my parents to see how happy I was and that wouldn’t happen. My mom died a few months before my wedding. On top of that my best friends mom who I called my momma died 5 days before my big day. Trying to plan a wedding when your grieving people who should be there is tough, really tough. I felt terrible but I felt worse for my little sisters. My youngest sister lost her dad at 10 and my middle sister lost her mom at 17. I felt bad for having so much time with them when they wouldn’t get the chance. It’s been a long road and some days I can’t believe I make it through. It’s because of the support I have that I make it. Without my people I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. Some days it’s hard to breathe but I’m trying my best to get my life together and fix my mind and body. I’m getting there but will always be missing a few parts of my heart. I guess I needed to get that off my chest finally. It’s hard carrying all the weight on my shoulders.


Let’s talk about eggs!!

I’m on the 5th day of an egg fast. I have eaten nothing but eggs and cheese for 4 1/2 days!!!! I’m dying here!! How many omelettes or deviled eggs can one person eat!! There is not very many variations of things!! I tried omelettes with cheese, hot sauce and basil.. I tried Snickerdoodle crepes, I tried deviled eggs and egg salad!! I psychically am so sick of eggs!! Sure it’s helped but at the price of my taste buds and sanity.. I am now dreaming of my transition days tomorrow and tuesday so I can add my normal keto food back in.. Tomorrow eggs and sausage for breakfast and dinner a burger with fried eggs.. I’m THRILLED something other then just eggs!! Never been so excited for other food in my life.. 😂😂😂.. I never liked eggs that much in the beginning now I really don’t..

A little about me

My name is Brandy, everyone calls me Bee. I started this blog to keep myself accountable. I’ve had a terrible hip since I was born, it’s spun into a disaster and is wreaking havoc on my body in the form of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. I also have Hashimoto’s thyroiditus and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I suffer from depression and anxiety but tend to keep everything inside and fake a smile which is yet another reason to blog. Needless to say I was tired of feeling bad everyday. So I started to research healthy options to help me feel better and lose weight. So far I’ve lost over 35 pounds and I couldn’t feel better. It is finally something I feel I can control in my life. I want to share this feeling with everyone because if I can do it anyone can do it. I hope to inspire another person to start the journey to loving themselves and the skin they’re in.